Teach Kids Math: The Fun and Easy Way

For quite sometime in the past, education has been delegated to teachers alone and it has been the responsibility of our school teachers to teach us the basics of Mathematics. However, times have changed and both you as parents and your child/children’s teachers are now jointly responsible in educating these children in various concepts such as Math. Even the way we pass on these Math teachings had a massive revamp these past few years from the serious school environment with constant practice tests and drills to the more easy, relaxed and fun learning methods.

It is now a must that an open communication be established among the parent/s, teacher/s and the child to be able to provide the child with a good foundation in Math. It is also important that some learning or teaching principles in Math be followed whether the child is being instructed at home or in a school.

  • A child should be allowed to talk freely. It is important that a child will be able to tell his parent/s or teacher/s what s/he does not understand, what steps s/he took in solving a problem and where or why s/he was not able to continue. Although it would be hard for a preschooler to express himself/herself it is still a must that s/he be encouraged to convey his problems. Making them explain their ideas and reasoning will teach them certain Math concepts like problem solving and data analysis.

  • A parent or teacher should be able to follow through. It is important that a child is provided the guidance and assistance in solving their Math activities so that any false impressions that may come their way can be easily answer in a way that will serve them best.

  • A parent or teacher should be able to check the understanding of a concept by the child. When a child is presented a concept, s/he may show understanding but there are still doubts as to the level of understanding that s/he might have. It is a must that a parent or teacher should validate this by providing the child with a modified problem to check if the child will answer in another way and if s/he will be able to recognize any variations in the data presented and just not blindly implementing whatever concept s/he was taught.

What is really important in order to provide our children with the necessary foundation to excel in Math is communication. The concept of communication is also one of the features of the Singapore Math that has been popular lately because of the high scores Singapore children have been getting at the TIMSS (Trends in Mathematics and Science Studies). In Singapore Math, children are taught how to present their problems and the information they have so that they will be able to determine or be guided on what are the possible solutions. As you may have noticed, children can easily communicate to any adult once they are relaxed and having fun, and being able to draw or illustrate their problems or questions is partly having fun while learning. Thus another key is teaching kids fun and easy Math to enable them to articulate their thoughts, ideas and understanding of the Math concepts.

Studies have been made that children learn faster and retain more of the lessons taught them when it is done in a fun and easy way. A large percentage of these children tend to retain the concepts taught them into their school years and are not afraid of facing the problems given them. They have also been known to be the thinkers because one explanation is not adequate to them and they tend to find other solutions before they would be satisfied. These children are also the more outspoken ones because they were trained early on to explain and make others realize or understand their issues and predicaments thus they were guided accordingly by their parents and/or teachers.